FC Property management accessories for pickups

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Finnish manufacturer

FICON Ltd. is Finnish company specialized in property maintenance accessories. FC Products are e.g. snow plows, sand spreaders, tipping devices, grader blades and pressure washers.

The most of the products are designed for pickup cars, but some of them are also available for wheel loaders.

FC Products are known for their quality, practical structure, lightness and durability.

FC property maintenance accessories are especially designed and developed for cost-effective, professional use in pickups. Thanks to innovative designing and practical size of FC products, the growth of the overall size of the vehicle is minimized. Pickups equipped with FC products (snowploughs, sand spreaders, rear blades etc.) are comfortable and safe to operate in limited space!

FC products are designed and developed to ensure, that You have always the best possible accessory in your pickup to fit the requirements of variable conditions. Our products include many innovative solutions, e.g. the controlled flexibility of structures, snap-in fasteners which avoid permanent modifications to vehicle’s body, ingenious blade design, carefully selected materials etc.

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